“Taking Heritage Brands Online” Digital Kids Conference Presentation

Taking Heritage Brands Online - Digital Kids Conference Logo
On September 19th, I co-presented the presentation “Taking Heritage Brands Online” at the Digital Kids Conference in San Francisco with Peter Robinson, the Head of Research at Dubit, the co-developer of the Legends of Oz World virtual world that I produced. Peter presented his findings on how the children of today want to experience brands in the digital space. Using models developed by Dubit, Peter discussed how children are consuming heritage brands and how this can influence digital adaptations. I bookended the presentation by speaking about Summertime Entertainment’s experience developing Legends of Oz World. The presentation was well received by the audience and led to discussions with many of the attendees. Thank you to the Digital Kids Conference for inviting us to present and to the team at Dubit for their fantastic work co-developing Legends of Oz World with our team at Summertime Entertainment. Continue reading