Knott’s Berry Farm Memories

This summer will be my second anniversary of working at Knott’s Berry Farm. I wanted to take a quick look back and catalog some of my favorite moments. My life has been filled with great Knott’s Berry Farm memories. Some of my favorite memories growing up were at the Farm visiting with my family. To this day, I distinctly remember my first ride on the Timber Mountain Log Ride and being held up by the bandits on the Calico Railroad. During the past two years, I have had such an incredible time interacting with the supportive fan community and hearing what the park means to them. I feel truly fortunate to have been on the team that helped propel the legendary theme park to its highest attendance in its 90+ year history in 2014 and then again in 2015. I can’t wait to experience the all new GhostRider and Ghost Town Alive! this summer.

Knott's GhostRider

Here are just a few of my many memories from my time at Knott’s:

The Good

Opening Voyage to the Iron Reef

The Incredible Boysenberry Festival Marketing

The crazy, fun, long nights of Knott’s Scary Farm

Providing tours to celebrities is a rare, yet always interesting, and strange part of my job at the park. My favorite tour was when I escorted Gwen Stefani and her family throughout the park the day after Thanksgiving in 2014. She’s been coming to the park since she was a toddler. Her Grandparents fell in love while working at Knott’s Berry Farm. I believe her Grandfather was a security guard and her Grandmother worked at Mrs. Knott’s. The entire family has a great reverence for the park. It was fun hearing their stories and seeing generations of their family enjoying a day out at one of their favorite places in the world.

The Bad

That time I cut my finger open with a serrated knife while attempting to open a microwaveable bag of rice. Thanks to the Knott’s First Aid team and the urgent care team for bandaging me up and not laughing at my predicament. My coworkers were not able to hold in their giggles. I don’t blame them. My team wrote “Warning: Keep Away From Brad” notes on all of the knifes after that.

One of my first ideas at Knott’s was to turn #SnoopySelfie into the next social media trend. I was so confident that it would take off. It didn’t. Luckily we cut our losses early. The only real loss was the cost of two selfie sticks and a little embarrassment. I was fortunately permitted to try crazy ideas and then quickly learn from their success or failure throughout most of my time at Knott’s.

Knott's Snoopy Great Pumpkin

The Hilarious

That time Selena Gomez held onto me throughout the entire Forevermore maze (The longest maze at Scary Farm). It was dark, she was scared and she mistakenly thought I was her boyfriend. We both had a good laugh afterwards.

Getting called in on a Saturday to give Nicholas Cage a tour of the park. He was extremely grateful and a very fan friendly person that absolutely loves Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner. It was interesting to spend a few hours with the man who is the subject of so many Internet memes.